LengerBuilt Display Cases:

below is more information about our custom "LengerBuilt" display cases.

These cases are widely used throughout the promotional products industry. Many have been in service for more than 10 years without any issues.

Large Display Case 24" x 48" closed ~ V3-BL

Short Display Case 24" x 24" closed ~ SV3-BL

Recessed Panel Construction

limits the edge damage to back panels for a long and fruitful life

Commercial Speaker Cabinet Metal Corners

protects the outer frame corners from damage for a long and prosperous life

Commerical Grade Cabinet Latches

Commerical Grade Speaker Cabinet Rubber Feet

for level display and limited slip, also protects outer frame

Commerical Grade Carpet Interior

for Hook & Loop fastening of display materials, adhered with waterbase carpet glue

Industrial 3 1/2" Broadleaf Hinges

Commerical Spring Speaker Cabinet Handles w/Rubber Grip

snaps down to limit catching while in transit, comfortable Rubber Grip for handling



Contact Doug@BigRiverMktg.Com to schedule the production of your next display cabinet

Note: These cases can be shipped via UPS, please contact us for a quote on shipping if needed.

Download "Owners Manual" Here

We also offer Custom Built Literature Bins

these can be built to custom specifications so they fit specifically to your vehicle

or the standard sizing is shown below

these are $40 each or $150 for a set of 4

here is a picture of 4 across the back of my van, these that are pictured

are over 14 years old and are starting to show some age

someday I will build myself some new ones!


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