On the Road Again!


Pictures from the road.....see how much fun it is!

Here we go again!

Check back soon for our adventures in 2020

Just pulled into Minneapolis at the Earle Brown Center sleeting like crazy

-3 and sleeting perfect weather for unloading

Hotel parking lot in Fargo, check out the piled up snow now -19 and -35 wind chill

on our way to the Fargo Dome

this is what unloading looks like in -23 and -45 wind chill

obvious! ... Home of the NDSU Buffaloes!

Richard from Bridge Marketing showing his excitement for the great weather!

Loading up for the drive to Sioux Falls


check out the video, Gordon was driving about 55 mph, speed limit is 80, crosswind of about 35 mph,

temp is around -35 and wind chill of - 55, my guess is the visability was about 75 yards

this video doesn't do it justice ... IT WAS MUCH WORSE!

It's warming up ... driving through Iowa

Wind Power! ... almost to Des Moines



Maiden Voyage of the new smaller lighter weight trailer, shown here in Bloomington Illinois while showing at the New Product Showcase.

Less frequent visits to the truck stops this year ... we love the new trailer!

Rolling into Madison Wisconsin after dark ... it was 6 degrees out and very windy ... what fun! Felt like needles sticking into our fingers!

Pulling out from my house in Missouri, 8:00 am Sunday morning ... after an Ice Storm!

All loaded up pulling out of Gordon's house .... more ice!

Gordon's van get's a break this week!

Monday morning in Detroit, drove in ice, sleet, and snow ... but we made it!

side note ... housekeeping in Livonia Michigan stole Gordon's Valentines Card and Gift, that's life on the road!

Started out with Ice in Missouri, arrived in Michigan Monday to 9 degrees and snow, now in Cincinnati on Wednesday evening and it is 60 degrees and raining!

Corporate Lunch! Cincinnati Ohio! ... leaving for Indianapolis!

Saturday morning, 1,500 miles later ... back home in Missouri ... more snow!

Hotel View ... Omaha

Look it's a hill! ... heading to Sioux Falls from Omaha

South Dakota Snow Blowing ... Flat as far as you can see!

The World Famous "Ramkota" Sioux Falls, SD

Unloading in single digit temps!

Getting Started! ... the Set Up Begins!

Heading to Fargo from Sioux Falls ... ND looks like SD!

Checking in ... Fargo, ND

Welcome to Minneapolis ... 6 inches of snow for your viewing pleasure!

Minneapolis ... the next morning!

Driving back to big MO ... Ice in Iowa!

First week out making regular calls ... yep you guessed it snow in Detroit!

Let the year begin .... unloading in the rain ... Livonia MI (Detroit)

More rain .....

Next day in Chicago ... short sleeves in January!

that evening in Green Bay WI .... threat of snow!

Next Morning in Green Bay WI ..... SNOW!

Lounging in the Lobby in Green Bay WI ... Wilderness Lodge!

Driving down to Milwaukee from Green Bay .... more snow!

more driving from Green Bay to Milwaukee

all set up in Milwaukee ... there is one of the Dr's prescribing some bull!

Next day in Chicago .... short sleeves again! ... This is how we get sick!

Kansas City ... dual Big River Vans!

Overland Park Convention Center, Kansas City KS

Sorry no 2016 images....

some jerk in Cleveland stole my digital camera from our booth ... amazing!

1st Stop for 2015 -- Detroit!

Pulling into Chicago

Lambeau Field Tour ~ Green Bay, WI

Stayed out over the weekend at this great hunting cabin in Wisconsin!

Driving to Minneapolis after a weekend of snow!

2nd one down the road!

Finally heading south to Sioux Falls, SD from Fargo, ND

The new Northern Headquarters of Big River Marketing somewhere in South Dakota!



    Sheet of Ice in Livonia (Detroit) Michigan - January 20th 2014

All Set-Up in Livonia - January 20th, 2014

4 below Zero and a couple of inches of new snow in Cleveland, January 21st, 2014

All Set-Up "AGAIN" in Cincinnati, January 23rd, 2014

9:00 am Superbowl Sunday Morning, February 2nd .....somewhere in Iowa, headed to Minneapolis

7:00 am Monday morning February 3rd, in Minneapolis.....around 3 degrees below Zero

The Big River trailer fully loaded ready to start unpacking....AGAIN!

The Big River trailer unloaded

Carts are loaded and we are headed into the hall in Minneapolis

end of the day in Minneapolis all loaded back up and headed to Fargo, ND

8:00 at night in Fargo ND, February 3rd....ready to unload AGAIN!

North Dakota in February

Sitting in the "Office" somewhere in Kansas

Entering the "Flint Hills" North of Wichita and South of Kansas City

Beautiful Eastern Kansas in February


New for 2023!

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